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"Stoner Quest" is the first game that we officially made as a team starting in 2017, long before we had the development knowledge that we have today. Now we're offering it to all of you completely free. It's a turn-based, comedy RPG set in a vast open world and plenty of extra side quests to find. It's sure to give you a few good laughs and quite a few hours of gameplay. You might even find a few new friends on your journey. Windows only.

Install instructions

To start the game, double-click "Project1" application and extract to a destination folder of your choosing. After that, double-click Game.exe to start the game. You can create a Desktop Icon if you wish.

If the screen is too small, right click the game icon and go into Properties. Click the Compatibility tab, and run in 640 x 480 resolution.


Project1.exe 446 MB
Stoner Quest Help File.txt 839 bytes

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